Essay on how to achieve success in life

I have done the action plan of success. I am doing this not for the sake of doing this but, because out of all the camps that I attended, I have never been this motivated to succeed in my life. I took whatever I had for granted. The techniques that Adam and the trainers taught me has changed my life forever. I will always remember what you have done for me and will teach this lessons to my future children. And for that, I thank you.

how to write an essay plan Essay On How To Achieve Success In Life

Essay on how to achieve success in life

Essay on how to achieve success in life

I don’t know if my testimonial will be used or helped much, but here goes nothing. I first met Mr Adam during my secondary life, when i was not so impress by him or his trainers. I was first reluctant to use his method as i am a lazy and i find it troublesome, however i decided to give it a try during my N level, and i manage to score pretty well. I was awarded greatest improvement in my class and i start to slack off which cost my O level to fail and get into an ITE when all other polytechnic rejected me, some even told me i cannot make it for sure. I was greatly hurt and i start blaming everyone for the cost of my failure, then i came upon Mr Adam ad for his pattern of excellence, but the course was over my budget, i done some market research and found up about his book “Master your mind, Design your destiny” and some other e-book on his website, and without second thought i bought some of them. I manage to get into a polytechnic within a year and get a GPA of 3.334. I apply some of the principal taught in the book on my personal life and obtain successful result, an great e.g will be i blame myself for my own failure now rather than pointing finger to others and my temper has been greatly tone down. I am saving up for his Wealth Academy and Pattern of Excellence and hopefully i will be able to join him in a greater ride in the future.

Attainable goals - achieve success in your life

First of all I would like to thank you that I have a chance attending your PoE program together with Sampono, my business partner, a very unique program n the most inspiring both of us.. You and Stuart had given me so many tools as I felt 24 hours is not enough to practice day n night. As You remind me to take action in small thing first before doing the big one, The 7 day mental diet chalenge + success creed program is a good starting booster to make me more energize every day, more focus about planning and strategy. I already finish this chalenge and still continue to do it. Now I realize that it is true there is no failure, mistake is not created by others, there is only feedback of what I have done before, Life is not just a gift but for me also like a game, sometime win sometime loose..It’s no use to blame the the situation, I have to take control of my life. I feel my Tiger’s eye is back and the challenge is how to keep it in my mind-my heart till the end of my life.. And The most Happiest thing I should tell to you is that from the day after completing the PoE, many prospect call at my office up to now. Its amazing, LoA just begin. I already change the 7 day mental diet challenge to daily mental diet challenge and also the success creed. That is my short report from me.

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Essay on how to achieve success in life gilgamesh and the bible essays on leadership

Essay on how to achieve success in life, Term paper Academic Service

When women have the courage to choose congenial occupations in which by proper application they may achieve honor and success, then will they attain their greatest influence and whether in the law office, at the merchants counter, in the school room, with sculptor's chisel or painter's brush, or engaged in the daily routine of home duties we shall everywhere find them cheerful and contented, and accomplishing the great work of life.

Everyone thinks that the people that “make it”.Essay on How to Achieve Success in Life.

Essay on Failures are the Pillars of Success

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575 words short essay on How to Everybody aspires to be successful in life.

7 Steps to Achieve Your Dream | SUCCESS

I attended your IAG camp from 30 Nov – 3 Dec 2009. It turned my life around 180 degrees, as I was an underachiever academically and personally I felt like that life sucks. I felt extremely motivated and learnt a lot from it, and set myself down to start taking actions for the journey of success, so Thank You with a capital T and Y. Although it is still the holidays and I have nothing much to work hard and achieve on, I am constantly reminding myself to maintain the high level of motivation in myself, and when the school term starts, give it my 100%. To ‘constantly remind’ myself, I put up the posters I bought from AKLTG on my study room walls. I am also reading your newest book, Secrets of Successful Teens. Though most of the book has been covered in the camp, I thought it would be a revision 3rd revision, at the same time learn extra stuff. Also, I am starting to commit myself to reading books on my new personal interests. That includes biographies, of both political and financial greats (Lee Kwan Yew, and the latest Men in White, Obama, Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins), and books on investment and economics. Recently I went to a Popular bookstore to find books to read and guess what? I was overwhelmed by the wide variety of interesting books, and of course, they cost a bomb altogether. I was wondering if the national libraries do offer these kind of books, and at which section I would be able to find them.