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Whether you are or are an art history major, here are seven things you can do to help yourself succeed in, and get the most from, your art history classes.

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The study of art history is not just comprised of looking at art all day and memorizing facts; art history is a discourse, which means that to learn and understand it, you have to read what art historians have to say. To get the most out of your art history class, do all of your assigned readings. Your professor might test you on information found in the readings or ask you to write an essay using your readings as reference. But even if your professor does not test you on this material, and he or she very well might not, the texts required for your class are assigned because they enhance the course material. If you don’t have time to do all of the readings, learn how to skim read or speed read. If you’re having trouble understanding some of the concepts or arguments raised in your reading, do not hesitate to email your professor or visit them in office hours. You may also want to experiment with various techniques for . Don’t forget to take advantage of the resources that your college’s library has to offer, including research guides and academic librarians, special collections, inter-library loan, and subscriptions to valuable resources like JSTOR and Artstor.

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Researchers have found that when they go to a museum. In the same vein, looking at slides in your art history class leaves much to be desired in terms of what some call . Outside of class, take your time looking at, and looking for, art, regardless of whether you are doing so in a physical or digital environment. Make a point of exposing your mind to as wide of a variety of art as possible, even if it is outside of the scope of your course. By intentionally dedicating time to inspect and research art, you are helping yourself to enhance and expand your mental image bank and your awareness of the world around you, both past and present.

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Every professor formats his or her art history class differently, but generally speaking, your professor will be talking a lot. You will receive a bunch of information very quickly so it is important that you come to class prepared to listen and absorb information. Some professors will help you out by providing access to their PowerPoints, weekly glossary lists, or study guides, but you can’t always rely on these items being available to you, so make sure you take notes! Actively taking notes ensures that you are paying attention to what your professor is saying. Ideally, your notes will contain all the pertinent information you need to study for exams or complete assignments.

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