In 1990 and 1991, during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, the 18th Engineer Brigade provided rail and sea deployment support to the VII Corps and deployed a Combat Heavy Battalion and Topographic Company to support operations in Southwest Asia. In April 1991, the Brigade Headquarters, along with the subordinate Combat Heavy Battalion, deployed to Zakho, Iraq in support of Operation Provide Comfort and was awarded the Joint Meritorious Unit Award for their performance during this operation. As part of the reduction of forces in Europe, the Brigade was deactivated once again on October 15, 1992.

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On 5 December 1965, the battalion's equipment was loaded on the

Robinson at the Boston Army Terminal.

Executive Office
Washington DC Metro Region
President: MG (Ret) Russell L. Fuhrman | Executive Director: COL (Ret) David Theisen
Regimental Operations
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Director: CSM (Ret) Julius Nutter

For the children of the fallen.

The Engineer Regiment will celebrate its 250th Anniversary in 2026. With this major milestone of service, AEA would like to better tell the rich history of the Engineer Regiments, Soldiers and their accomplishments. AEA proposes a continuing education program to better educate the current Soldiers of the Engineer Regiment and tell the courage, ingenuity and sacrifice of the Engineers that preceded them in service. We have started to capture the best 100 missions/events over the last 243 years that best exemplify the history of the Regiment. These will be captured on ceiling tile in the ESSAYONS Room in the Engineer Museum.

On the first day of January 1966, the battalion arrived at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam.

Service with a Smile! Size: 16”x20”

The 18th Engineer Brigade was reactivated at Karlsruhe, Germany on October 21, 1977. For the next 15 years, the Brigade served as the principal construction brigade for the United States Army Europe and Seventh Army. The Brigade performed numerous construction projects in military communities and training areas throughout USAREUR that included massive range upgrades at Grafenwoehr, and the construction of the Range 23 complex at the Wildflecken Major Training Area. The 18th Engineer Brigade was also responsible for providing topographic support to the European Theater.

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Plaque located at The Engineer Center honoring Sgt. Joe Specker, 48th Combat Engineer. Joe was the only Engineer of WW11 awarded The Medal of Honor.

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See his on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The 513th Engineer Company (Dump Truck) and 584th Engineer Company (Light Equipment) were attached to the battalion the entire time it was at Dong Ba Thin.

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The vignettes depict her service from wedding day to retirement.

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Launching a Bailey - T/3 Ludwig Mactarian (provided by A. Kincer)

I had always assumed that the WWII posters featuring the men and women who fought for our country, were just artist's renditions, but I found out quite differently after receiving an email from a daughter of Master Sargeant (Ret) Vincent G Leckey.

Included are hundreds of photos of 20th Engineer soldiers, facilities, and activities.

The operation consisted of four phases.

On October 18, 2002 the Vice Chief of Staff of the Army approved the USAREUR and Seventh Army Concept Plan to activate the Theater Army Engineer Brigade (TAEB), beginning the process in 2000. The 18th EN BDE (TA) was activated on January 21, 2003. In February 2003, portions of the Brigade deployed to Turkey in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.