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I am an English teacher, and guess what their presents are every birthday and holiday? They get a book. Nowadays, it’s usually an ebook. They don’t have a n eReader, but thanks to me, my sister now has the Free Kindle App for PC. I try to buy them age appropriate books, and when they have both turned 14, I will be buying them books about the Holocaust because my sister wants me to wait. her kids, her choice. They were into Barbie, all things pink, Ariel, the Little Princess, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast as little girls. I always talked to them about much more substantive matters. Whenever they asked what i was up to, I always told them about the lessons I was teaching my High School students. Things just slightly above their current levels. A big one with Middle and Lower High School students, is, “If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?” it;s still one of my favorites, and I start the year off with it because it let’s us as a class dive right into learning, and makes kids dive right into what they already know. What I am constantly working on as a teacher is wait time. We really do need to slow down, and let people think before they blurt things out….

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Ariel Pink Shares New Song “Another Weekend ..

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This year has thrown up plenty of depressing evidence that men still have to accept the challenge of becoming, to quote Pink's buddy John Maus quoting Alain Badiou, "the pitiless censors of ourselves". The UniLAD affair was a prominent instance of this, but it seems inevitable that plenty who would (rightly) condemn such oafish banter will be willing to give the likes of Pink a free pass as what they're saying tends to be less aggressively misogynistic. However, there's no advance towards equality – however empathetic one strives to appear – to be made by treating women as vehicles of retribution against school bullies and other alpha types.

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There's a good occasion for broaching this subject now. In a recent interview with magazine, Ariel Pink – the Lomo Beck set to become chillwave's first crossover star – got talking about "beta male revenge", that staple of Corrigan fantasy. Apparently, their intelligence and empathy means that "beta males have got it figured out so that they don't have to chase or rape their prey, so to speak". Now, I had to read over this sentence a number of times to ensure that I hadn't nodded off and fallen prey to some hypnagogic misunderstanding, but every time I went back and checked it still said the same thing. The new man, apparently, will gradually come to assert his authority over the Neanderthals of days gone by, wielding his intellect and therapeutic literacy as, once upon a time, white-shirted archetypes splashed on the Brut and flexed their biceps. Pink's life-script is basically swiped from the half-forgotten eighties college-movie spoof : tellingly, above cover art showing its heroes surrounded by cheerleaders, that film's tagline read "now it's time for the odd to get even".

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