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After the fire of 64 CE, Emperor Nero announced a rational rebuilding program, with little success: the city's architecture remained chaotic and unplanned.

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In about 1230 architects became less interested in size and more interested in decoration.

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These essays are a major contribution to critical thought about art and architecture today, and a genuine work of what Benjamin himself identifies as a ‘materialist aesthetics’.

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The term Gothic was coined by classicizing Italian writers of the Renaissance, who attributed the invention (and what to them was the non-classical ugliness) of medieval architecture to the barbarian Gothic tribes that had destroyed the Roman Empire and its classical culture in the 5th century Ad.

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There, the architect abandoned entirely the use of the tribune gallery, but, instead of increasing the size of the arcade, he managed, by a highly individual type of flying buttress, to increase the size of the clerestory.

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When she turned to ornamentation, employed other architects to split the functional Greek columns and paste them uselessly beside the arches, in row over row against the walls, the engineer was eclipsed, a curtain of make-believe was dropped before the true drama of Roman building art.

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For another, whereas in most European countries artists imitated with reasonable faithfulness architectural styles that were derived ultimately from northern , they seldom did so in .

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Rick Hess, creator and designer of all illume furniture, has been actively designing architecture, interiors and furniture for over 16 years.

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But the desire to impress by profusion and boastful display led, more often than not, to the decoration of those same works with misused scraps and veneers of Greek architecture and weak imitations of Greek ornamental sculpture.