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His original study of the rise and function of theholy man in late antiquity is a deserved classic, but itproves on examination to have had a particularity that partly explains itsbrilliance and partly lessens its utility as a model.

Antiquity Restored Essays On The Afterlife Of The …

Seymour Howard, Antiquity Restored, Essays on the Afterlife of the Antique, Irsa, Vienna 1990

Antiquity restored : essays on the afterlife of the antique

I think we assume the 'secular' plays that role, but it may beargued that for many societies it is the 'secular' that is the artificial constructionseparating itself from the normal experience of humankind, and thedisappearance of that conception may be seen, as it almost certainly was seen inlate late antiquity, as the reassertion of an essential unity to replace anartificially divided state of society.

Antiquity Restored Essays On The Afterlife Of The Antique

Since that time, Brown has published a large and in many waysquite conventional study of one aspect of the practices of holiness in lateantiquity, but in his freshest and most original work inyears has now taken quite a different tack: the bishops who appear in his new, are leaders well-rooted in the traditional social matricesof the Roman empire.The models proposed do not exhaust the possibilities.

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-- The plates state that we shall drive back the Indians to the South and West: with a promise, however, to be brought back in the fulness of time."
Are these sorts of professions and accusations really "God's truth" about where American antiquities came from?

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Although audiences now scoff at the impossibility of mythological beasts, there remains an extraordinary willingness to suspend skepticism and believe wild stories about nature, particularly about insects and their relatives in the Phylum Arthropoda.

In The Earwig’s Tail, entomologist May Berenbaum and illustrator Jay Hosler draw on the powerful cultural symbols of these antiquated books to create a beautiful and witty bestiary of the insect world.

These essays trace the perception of classical art from antiquity to the present day

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This Gregory wrote the , had relicssent to pious friends, and embodied beliefs in the life unseen now and at the endof time that are for the most part rebarbative to our age. It is Gregory that a scholar, liberal, Romish, and of a certain age,rejected so instinctively and so vigorously that he laid up a mountain ofmisplaced, and thus undeservedly neglected, erudition to try to prove that theGregory we admire could not have written those . Against that dismissal, we can read the pre- emptivedefense of Gregorian authorship by a scholar employing the characteristicallyBritish argument that reference to the 'culture' of late antiquity will suffice toexplain differences and render the author accessible to us without diluting hisremoteness.But few would disavow the second Gregory.