Antigone possesses all the aspects of a tragic hero.

Antigone, although she is a woman, contains all of the aspects that are required for her to be the main character and a feminine heroine which is seldom seen however there are certain traits, in which are required of a tragic character found in her role....

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Many assume that simply because the play is named for Antigone, that she is the tragic hero.

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Sophocles in his tragedy Antigone teaches about “morally desirable attitudes and behavior,” (4) and uses a woman as heroine and another woman in a supporting role to do most of the instructing of the audience in this regard....

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Sophocles' Antigone models the classical pattern of tragedy by incorporating key elements such as a tragic hero with a fatal flaw and the Man-God-Society triangle.

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In a five paragraph essay, explain who the tragic hero in Antigone is and why

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