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Social media addiction is another problem. Almost all of us are active on social media these days. Excessive use of social media is known to cause several psychological problems. Cyber bullying is also on the rise. People’s privacy often gets violated on the internet. The internet has also wreaked havoc with people’s lives. There have been several cases where victims of cyber bullying committed suicide. Social media has also caused alienation. In addition to this, anti-social elements sell pirated e-Books, movies and CDs on the internet and cause huge losses to the industry.

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anti-social elements sell pirated e-Books, ..

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Social Media, eh? Some people say it’s anti-social and just people sitting behind a computer screen retweeting stuff! I guess there is an element of that, but get this….!

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At the state-level function in SAS Nagar, Badal said anti-social elements were conspiring against the state. “The people of Punjab know how to deal with such elements and save the state from their nefarious designs,” he added.

Anti social behaviour essay ..
Anti social behaviour essays.

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anti social behaviour essay

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