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Therefore determining what constitutes criminal behavior can envelope a wide variety of activities and for that reason, researchers tend to focus on the wider context of antisocial behavior.

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Deviance describes actions or behaviors that go against the social norms of a society.

that media influences anti-social behaviour.

Authors Morley and Hall (2003), who have investigated the genetic influences on criminal behavior, point out three different ways to define antisocial behavior.

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More specifically, they mean those personality disorders, such as Antisocial Personality Disorder, which is associated with an increased risk in criminal activity.

Jones took criminal behavior further to describe actions relating to antisocial behavior.

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Overall, I think it is safe to say that the majority believe that there are both environmental and genetic influences for criminal or antisocial behavior.

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A eugenic approach to preventing antisocial behavior is immoral and impinges on human rights, but taking an active approach to ensure positive environmental influences would be appropriate.

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Also I agree that it is important for society as a whole to take responsibility in preventing the advent of criminal and antisocial behavior in children via programs to provide children with healthy, enriching environments.

A critical review of twin and adoption studies of criminality and antisocial behavior.

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Influences of race and family environment on child hyperactivity and antisocial behavior.

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Therefore, it is of great importance that these early childhood disorders are correctly diagnosed and effectively treated to prevent future problems. Another critical aspect that must be examined regarding antisocial or criminal behavior is the personality characteristics of individuals.

Effects of environmental enrichment at ages 3-5 years on schizotypal personality and antisocial behavior at ages 17 and 23 years.

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I believe this to be true, and more research needs to be focused on how to treat or approach these children so that their behaviors do not develop further into antisocial or criminal behavior.