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20. The CPUSA put major emphasis on union work. While most revisioniststudies in this area are specialized, those with a broader focus include HarveyA. , Communism, Anticommunism, and theCIO (Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1981) and Steve Rosswurm, ed., TheCIO’s Left-Led Unions (New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers University Press, 1992)with essays by Nancy , Bruce Nelson, KarlKorstad, Rosemary , Ellen W. Schrecker, Mark , Gerald Zahavi, and Tom .

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The revisionists of this second wave had little to say about Americancommunism. If one were to read the revisionists’ books and essays and nothingelse one would gain the impression that the CPUSA was largely a figment of theimagination of anti-Communists. At times anti-Communists are treated asparanoid individuals embarked on a witch hunt for nonexistent witches. At othertimes, anti-Communists are treated as cynical opportunists who consciouslycreated a mythical Communist conspiracy to fool an ignorant public in order toserve their political needs and justify their semi-fascistic actions. TheAmerican Communist party, to the extent it shows up in revisionist histories atall, was treated as an organization of little importance. Communist activitieswere seen as far too insignificant to have justified counter action. Whileanti-Communist liberal scholars of the first wave tended to marginalizeCommunist participation in the New Deal, the revisionists of the second wavetended to make it invisible. In revisionist histories, those whom theanti-Communist liberals fought were often vaguely defined as progressives,social liberals, or activists in some undifferentiated reform coalition inwhich it might be acknowledged that Communists played some vague andunspecified role. Often, the only Communists one found were those skepticallyreferred to as ‘alleged’ Communists. In The Politics of Fear, forexample, Robert Griffith defined McCarthyism and other varieties ofanticommunism as hostility to radicalism unconnected to the antidemocraticcharacteristics of the CPUSA or Soviet communism:

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The scholars of the second wave focused on American anticommunism, notAmerican communism. They regarded McCarthyism and the popular anticommunism ofthe late 1940s and 1950s as despicable phenomena that had inflicted gravedamage on American culture, subverted democratic liberties, and ruinedcountless innocent lives. What gave these scholars their cohesiveness was theextent to which they placed the blame for McCarthyism on anti-Communistliberals. In the mainstream histories written in the 1950s and early 1960s,anti-Communist liberals usually had received positive and often glowingtreatment. The often pugnaciously ‘revisionist’ historians of the late 1960sand early 1970s, however, presented a highly negative evaluation. Althoughthese writers differed among themselves on some matters, their common approachcan be seen in The Specter: Original Essays on the Cold War and the Originsof McCarthyism, a volume that brought together major revisionist scholarsin a collection of essays that battered anticommunism in general, butanti-Communist liberalism in particular, from every quarter. To theserevisionists, anti-Communist liberals had legitimated an inherently evilimpulse, anticommunism, and thereby set the stage for its logical product,McCarthyism, as well as partial responsibility for the Vietnam War, bothevidence of the immorality of opposition to communism9]

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