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Being as though Warhol loved money, he also loved the upper class and high fashion. Warhol started Interview magazine in 1969. The magazine discussed fashion, what’s going on within high society, and talked of film. “Witty commentary and gorgeous images were critical to the magazines success”. The magazine ended up being around for many years, and was a great transition into the mass media type of world Andy was going to get into when he jumped onto yet another large scene. In the 80’s, Andy ventured into another one of his fascinations; television.

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* The first of several publications concerning Andy Warhol and his milieu is this article about a book Warhol created in collaboration with his painting assistant, the poet Gerard Malanga: . An extensive study of Warhol’s relations with poets, Andy Warhol, Poetry, and Gossip in the 1960s, followed in 1997. Warhol’s literary connections are the subject of an essay for the catalogue of the exhibition, Reading Andy Warhol, held in Fall 2013 at the Brandhorst Museum in Munich, Germany. English and German editions of the catalogue are available:

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Andy Warhol our most famous Carpatho-Rusyn began his life in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in a blue collar part of town known by the local Carpatho-Rusyns as “Ruska Dolina", which translates as Rusyn Valley. Andy’s early years were not without hardship. He suffered from chorea, a disease that strikes the nervous system and causes involuntary body movements and skin blotchiness. This may have been a complication from an earlier bout with scarlet fever. This condition caused him to be an outcast at school. Often at home and too ill to attend school he would draw, listen to the radio, and cut out magazine photos of movie stars to paste on the walls around his room. His creativity became his escape and this unique talent put him on the road to worldwide fame and success.

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