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Students are expected to:(A) compare and contrast persuasive texts that reached different conclusions about the same issue and explain how the authors reached their conclusions through analyzing the evidence each presents; and(B) analyze the use of such rhetorical and logical fallacies as loaded terms, caricatures, leading questions, false assumptions, and incorrect premises in persuasive texts.(12) Comprehension of Informational Text/Procedural Texts.

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Argument Analysis : . This argument is weak in the reasoning and the premise is not relevant to the conclusion. Even if it is true that a vast majority supports President Obama on this issue, the inference to the conclusion is weak. We are not given the logically relevant reasons is supporting this decision. What are of the Affordable Care Act? If the majority of the people are supporting it, why are they supporting it? What are the features of this act that make it a good deal for the American people? Will this act really solve the medical insurance problem? Will it provide medical insurance for all people at a reasonable cost? Will it lower insurance premiums? Will it strengthen businesses and the economy?

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Then the argument analysis should be much longer. Here is where you argue your case. You also have to do a little independent critical thinking. In you have to think about and describe what is relevant to make your case that the premise is not relevant. The recipe will guide you up to a point. You can and should copy the language from the recipe - Weak reasoning, premise is not relevant to the conclusion. But then you have to think. It is usually not rocket science. If we are arguing about the Affordable Care Act, then what is this Act? What will it do? Why do people argue that it will be good for the United States? You do not need to know the answers to these questions. You just need to apply the common sense insight that these are the relevant issues to discuss. If a majority supports something, then why are they supporting it?

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