KEYWORDS: education teaching English language acquisition.

Concludes that while slang terms are generally to be avoided in formal communications, they have a place in American English usage because they enhance the vocabulary and they increase the opportunities for creativity and expression.

Comparative Linguistics: Japanese and English Languages.

World englishes: implications for international communication and english language teaching.

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Is it true that an international student must learn a new way of thinking and writing when they come to study in a UK-type academic environment?” INTRODUCTION Nowadays, there is a lot of scientist and professional who want to learn English to benefit from its leading position of power in modern research and economy.

A Comparison of Indonesian and English Languages.

Moreover, the African American English has gained popularity during the 21st century and has continued to be used in creating music lyrics for rap and r’n’b.

2.2 The definition of American English American English is a kind of form in the America use.

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KEYWORDS: linguistics nativity language standardization creole Indian English Black English.

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KEYWORDS: slang colloquial informal language social theory vernacular English American.

The Verbal Noun Form in English.

: Detailed description of each act with translations and explanations for all important quotes. The next best thing to an modern English translation.

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The Origins of the English Language.

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