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Intro Romeo and Juliet are not Tragic Heroes in my eyes Introduction I do not beleive Romeo and Juliet are Tragic heroes
They're just over dramtic teenagers 1st body paragraph Romeo & Juliet aren't mighy figures nor do the have an unreversable fortune 2nd body paragraph Romeo and Juliet do not suffer uncommon suffering 3rd body paragraph They do recgonize theier concequences, they over react 4th body paragraph Their story doesn't enlarge me, it just makes me say WTF Conclusion In conclusion, Romeo and Juliet are teenagers with normal teenage problems, who just over react.

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The names Romeo and Juliet are synonymous with tragic love affairs and interfering families. Ever since Shakespeare first created the Montagues and Capulets we have linked feuding families to the failure of young love’s dream. It is this feud that is partly to blame for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. That combined with ….Hope that is of some help

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Reasoning First paragraph Romeo and Juliet were normal teenagers like everybody else with no titles
And their decisions are what led them to their death, things could have been way different if different decisions were made all thru out the play Second Paragraph It is not uncommon suffering to date someone your family doesn't aprrove of Third paragraph Romeo and Juliet didn't hsve to kill themselves, there were way less drastic solutions to their situatution
Their story isn't really moving to me.

This opening speech by the Chorus serves as an introduction to Romeo and Juliet
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