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The commenters wanted this man to swallow the fact of his difference, to swallow the discomfort of singing Christmas songs, no matter how secular they have become. He was simply pointing to the Christianity embedded in popular American culture, and to the odd intersection for non-Christian or nonreligious Americans, where to be American means you also herald God and Jesus and Christianity.

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Despite students’ aversion to essays, it’s always nice to have the assignment outlined for you. An essay with a pointed question or previously identified topic is simpler to understand and execute than an open-ended one. Having parameters, after all, is nice for writing development. However, not all essays are like this. In fact, some essays require students to not only compose a response, but compose the question for that response as well! Around the holidays, teachers love to assign this type of assignment to one of the most well-known literary stories in history: a Christmas Carol. This iconic tale provides a great backdrop for lots of creative questions. However, many students have trouble with question composition on a Christmas Carol, and simply end up feeling – well, like they want to shout humbug!

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Adrian Rogers, a Christian broadcaster, said that Americans are "...too involved with other things," and we have " room for Jesus."(Rogers, Adrian) Not only has the meaning of Christmas been lost due to all the focus on want...

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This is supposed to be an essay about Chanukah, which happens to fall on Christmas Eve this year, and ends eight days later, just after New Year’s. When I think of Chanukah, I think of latkes and fried food and chocolate and family. I think of complicated stories about survival and triumph, about a tiny army defeating its giant enemy, about light compounding and miracles generating. I think of lining up in Jerusalem for freshly fried sufganiyot, the traditional jelly doughnut celebrating the miracle of oil that was only enough for one night, but lasted eight. I remember inviting neighbors over to our living room to light candles, sing songs, and play dreidl. But mostly, if I think about Chanukah, I think about how we’ve embellished a little-known Jewish holiday to cope with not being Christian at Christmas in a Christian nation.

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12/12/2017 · Time to update the 12 days of Christmas song for those things we really want. We've got some ideas.

Christmas is a sacred festival of the Christians