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A wonderful and rich selection of essays given by the renowned philosopher, Alan Watts, and "his efforts to communicate the meaning, significance, and joy of the way of liberation"; this copy is Fine- with only the tiniest of wear; a gem.

Alan Watts--in the academy : essays and lectures …

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Alan Watts (1915-73) is widely recognized not only as one of the most penetrating and readable interpreters of Eastern philosophy for the West but also as a stimulating philosopher. His life and work -- as an Anglican priest, editor, professor, dean, and freelance author and lecturer -- reflect his varied interests. The author of more than two dozen books, his special interest was in the philosophies of Zen Buddhism and Taoism. From Watts' first essay on Zen, written in 1955, to his final seminar, given just weeks before his death, the writings included here present a succinct and compelling introduction to the range of his thought and the breadth of influences shaping it.

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Alan Watts Lectures and Essays
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Get this from a library! Alan Watts--in the academy : essays and lectures. [Alan Watts; Peter J Columbus; Donadrian L Rice]

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