But Victor Genecin, a New York state prosecutor, told the that the group was "never anything more than a one-room office in Brooklyn with a telephone and an ever-changing handful of staffers who took Al Sharpton's messages and ran his errands."Began ProtestingIn 1974 Sharpton again made headlines when he led a group of older black leaders into a meeting with New York City's deputy mayor to protest the police shooting and death of a 14-year-old black youth.

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It would break your heart from the sheer shame of it.Which Al Sharpton has yet to speak out about.

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With Sharpton's entry into mainstream politics a kinder and gentler Al was calling for racial harmony and a Christian attack on the politics of meanness.

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In November, before Herman Cain’s campaign ran into trouble, he exhausted the patience of the African-American civil rights activist and preacher, , forcing him to tell the Republican man what he really, really thought about black men like him. Below is Sharpton’s message to Cain.

Al Sharpton stole the show * * * * *  I want to address my remarks in two parts.

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However, Sharpton lost the Democratic nomination to Ruth Messinger who subsequently lost the mayoral election to Giuliani.In 1996 Sharpton published his autobiography By the end of the decade, Sharpton was accusing Florida elections workers of keeping some blacks from voting in 2000; complaining of police brutality in New York and racial profiling on the nation's highways; organizing protests that would shut down major highways in St.

Sharpton subsequently mounted an aggressive primary challenge to Moynihan but the  dubbed it as a campaign more


Sharpton says, “I think it is very important that he sent the signal that on the morning after a historic victory…he would come to Harlem and have breakfast with me.”

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Eventually, several inquiries strongly indicated that Brawley had fabricated the entire incident.Sharpton "seemed utterly out of control, likening the state attorney general to Adolf Hitler and demanding the arrest of Duchess County officials without a shred of proof," wrote the 's Claude Lewis.

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Leading a 1995 March from New York City to Albany in protest of Governor George Pataki's budget cuts Sharpton told his fellow marchers:

There is a mean-spiritedness in the land.