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Fantastic! Could you send us some of the full references for those speeches? Title, date, institution, so that we can include them? Thanks so much.

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Find new facing-page translations of classic works from the , , , and .

Pre-colonial Politics, Slavery and the Role of Traditional leaders

Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. Do send us specific recommendations, we will happily post them up. This is a crowd-sourced list and we are always looking to expand it.

Nationalism, Pan Africanism, and Anti-colonial Struggles

This is an impressive list but can I add that it is a list on decolonising the African and not necessarily African Education. There are a number of important subject areas of education itself that need to be reviewed: Methodology Courses, but also in other content areas like Geography, performance, cinematic and plastic arts, mass media and communication. What the list also shows are mostly old books and articles. There are new studies that are done in the different areas, archived in journals and books. The Leiden African Studies Centre does contain some of these new ones. But also as a departure, how about Oral sources in contemporary Africa where contemporary will mean the now, the present? Let’s keep talking

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please add my book under education or social movements thanks
Ismail, S. 2015. The Victoria Mxenge Housing project- women building activism through socialmactivism and informal learning. UCT Press, Cape Town.

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Hi , thanks for this impressive list. I am currently writing up my dissertation about decolonization higher education in Brazil and the implementation of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture in the curriculum. As I am writing against the Eurocentric education, I would appreciate if you can let me know what book and author would be good for me to read. Many thanks.

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Shireen Hassim’s Women’s Organizations and Democracy in South Africa (University of Wisconsin Press) is outstanding as are both books by Ousseina Alidou (University of Wisconsin Press).

Foreign Policy, International Relations, and African Union

The Military and Security Sector Reform

30 thought-leading papers written over ten years were presented in USA, Canada, Brazil, Europe and of course southern, west and east Africa, and for the first time are published under one title, together with Art, Photography and Design in the Book+CD – ‘SELBY MVUSI: TO FLY WITH THE NORTH BIRD SOUTH’.

Peace-making, Peace-building, and Reconciliation

The Politics of International Development

It boggles one’s mind, and sadly so, that 90% of the recommended books, treatises, pamphlets, journals were published not by an African press, but by Oxford, Harvard, Heinemann, Bloomington, et al.

I’ll be feed ing off here for weeks, nay months

Thanks for a powerful list indeed….

It is going to take awhile to undo the brainwashing that has occurred in Africa. From head of states to jobless youth in the continent, western civilization has inflicted a serious damage on the psyche and ambitions of Africans all over the world. It took time for a mass acknowledgement of this fact, it is going to take much longer to start a tangible action to undo the damage. ”Rhodes must fall” and reading initiatives like this one has been well utilized to magnify the African psychological prison, a bolder and more demanding plan to act on the African condition must then follow. However, it is funny that the same powers we are so yearning to break free from are the same pillars we are relying on to make our voice heard. This world is a big game reserve, you either kill or be killed, unfortunately, Africa is a prey that is whining in the lap of her predator. Sooner or later, we will accept this fact, that people are not the same- with humility, we shall rise from the shackles, work on our weaknesses, build on our strength. We cannot complain to white people forever for exploiting our weaknesses.