Thomas Harriot, (London, 1590).

We have listening, short answers, completing a summary, Completing a table, , Multiple choice, , Completing sentences Completing a table Writing, Interpreting graphs tables and statistics, Putting forward a point of view, Grammar, Answering IELTS questions, sentence transformations, editing, and topic sentences exercises and .

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Gleach, Frederic W.  Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press, 1997.

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Kupperman, Karen Ordahl.  Ithaca, New York and London: Cornell University Press, 2000.

Free english speech papers, essays, and research papers.

These reading, writing, listening and and English lessons have been produced as a result of many years teaching experience in ESL and fields. All our writers are and experienced in the specialized field of English and ESOL tuition and .

Free english class papers, essays, and research papers.

Listening - learning online is easy. Our model essay and samples will help with , and TWE - test of written expression. We provide model s, IELTS task 2 essays, IELTS task 1 essays and reports looking at graphs and tables. We provide online learning with model essays and letters for IELTS General module and Academic module. Want to study for TOEIC or EAP English for Academic purposes? Our , CALL lessons will help. We have English courses online.

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Online exercises for test practice, , TOEFL test, test preparation, and TOEIC study. Designed for ESL students. Prepared by . Practise grammar, , , online.

Rountree, Helen C., ed.  Charlottesville and London: University Press of Virginia, 1993.

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Virginia Company, "Instructions Given by way of Advice," in Barbour, ed.,  I:50.

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You can study English online at your own speed either from home or an English language school. The information contained in the exercises is informative , and interesting. Many of the the reading and listening exercises come directly from Reuters news articles. Learn English from newspapers. exercises and English quizzes. Our English as a second language exercises are topical and relevant to international communication and cultural issues because we use news stories. Our exercises will help to increase your knowledge of current events, culture and about the world in general. Perfect for IELTS task 2 writing and writing an argumentative essay. We can help you prepare for First Certificate English, and other ESL tests like Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English and Proficiency and .