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Pedagogues’ in all divisions of education should possess proficiency in different levels of communication, whether they are teaching primary or secondary students or university alumni, to be able to address a combination of the various age gr...

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I have a solid undergraduate educational foundation and I am ready now to devote my full time and attention to developing my teaching skills so that I will be a credit to the profession once I am up in front of a class of my own.

I also feel that I will be able to identify with my future students from a wide array of cultural backgrounds because I am the daughter of immigrants and am bilingual in English and Spanish.

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Although the process of becoming a post-secondary teacher is long, to become a professor, a person needs to have a high level of education, be conscious of job marketability, and the end result will be rewarding.

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80-85% of the population in UAE consists of expats. With large numbers of new schools becoming operational in UAE to cater to the needs of all these different nationalities, there is an immense demand for international educators for all these schools. A recent study by Deloitte revealed that UAE needs to hire around 57,000 educators by 2015 to fill the current manpower gap in education sector. To meet their requirements of experienced and qualified teachers, schools are trying to attract and recruit the best of educators from around the world. In a bid to retain such qualified staff, schools also invest in their professional development and training.

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Teachers from all over the world are interested in teaching in UAE primarily because of the lucrative tax- free salary, while enjoying the warm climate year round. The schools here offer a great mix of nationalities providing educators with a multicultural teaching experience inside and outside the classroom. This adds tremendous value to teachers’ professional profile as well as personality development and equips them with a global perspective of the teaching field. Moreover, UAE offers world class infrastructure, state-of-the-art facilities, and well designed residential and commercial areas, connected by modern public transport systems.

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