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Your address book used
If many of your personal correspondents are simultaneously getting thesame junk mail from your address, that's a pretty sure indicator thatit's coming from your account, because the sender has access to yourpersonal address book. (Someone otherwise forging your address ontotheir “To:” line would not be able to target all of yourfriends at once, and would be very unlikely to hit any of them atall.)

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This paper addresses some of the ways unauthorized personal information has been and is being collected and steps that can be taken to prevent or avoid this collection....

Contributions that  address the Friesians, etc., need not conform to the  of interpretation that is editorially preferred.
Would you go up to a random stranger and hand them all of your personal information: home address, social security number, credit card number, etc….

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How to assign a fixed IP address to an HP network printer so it stops going offline.

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Understanding Ethical Dilemmas in the Emergency Department: Views from Medical Students' Essays

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