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Adams’s equity motivation theory is a process theory which deals with people’s perception of fairness in a social exchange relationship (kreitner R., Kinicki A, 2010)....

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But Adams' Equity Theory is a far more complex and sophisticated motivational model than merely assessing effort (inputs) and reward (outputs). Equity Theory adds a crucial additional perspective of comparison with 'referent' others (people we consider in a similar situation). 'Referent' others are used to describe the reference points or people with whom we compare our own situation, which is the pivotal part of the theory.

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invest varying number of points in a three-person quota game. Models based on justice norms (e.g., Adams equity theory) and Adams theory states that employees strive for equity between themselves and other workers. Equity is achieved when the ratio of employee outcomes over A. According to J. Stacy Adams, who formulated the equity theory, what is important in determining motivation is the relative rather than the absolute level of adams equity theory j stacey adams - equity theory on job motivation John Stacey Adams, workplace and behavioural psychologist, put forward his www. Cdrcp. Considered one of the justice theories, equity theory was first developed in 1963 by John Stacey Adams, a workplace and behavioral psychologist, who asserted It'about the old debate on Douglas McGregor'Theory X and Theory Y. Two- factor Theory (1959) and Equity Theory by John Stacy Adams (1963). Perhaps e

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John Stacey Adams, a workplace and behavioural psychologist,” articulated a construct of equity theory on job motivation ..

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