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The Personal Statement of the Common Application is the perfect place to discuss your accomplishments over the course of your high school years, right? From being named National Honor Society president to leading your school’s Key Club to playing three varsity sports, fitting as many is the way to go. Right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Accomplishments have zero place in the Personal Statement. In fact, accomplishments have zero place in any college admissions essay.

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then remember that the best essays are often about modest accomplishments.

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Many people believe that college essays are a forum to boast about accomplishments. They believe that college essays are the unique component of college admissions where they can sell themselves. And they’re not wrong about college essays being a forum to sell themselves. It certainly is a sales tool. But how you approach that sales tool makes all the difference in the world! Boasting about accomplishments in college essays is absolutely, positively the wrong approach. That’s a surefire way to alienate college admissions counselors who otherwise may have gone to bat for you.

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Unless you consider having really awkward sounding speech an accomplishment, then yes practicing to the magic mirror on the wall is the path to achievement....

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Inserting your accomplishments in admissions essays is the absolute wrong way to go.

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