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: “The name of mistress instead of wife would be dearer and more honourable for me, only love given freely, rather than the constriction of the marriage tie, is of significance to an ideal relationship”. According to Abelard, she also wrote of the unbearable annoyances of marriage and its endless anxieties, that a man should not take a wife and of the constant muddle and squalor which small children bring into the home. She was further concerned that marriage would interfere with his work in philosophy. In one of her letters, written when she was a nun, is the following: “God is my witness that if Augustus, emperor of the whole world, thought fit to honour me with marriage and conferred all the earth upon me to possess for ever, it would be dearer and more honourable to me to be called not his empress but your whore”.

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Both Abelard and Heloise were prominent intellectuals of twelfth century France.

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He was a star medieval philosopher and the most romantic man in history. He loved Heloise so much that he got castrated for it. And then, even though he was castrated, he still loved her. That's love! If I were castrated, the only thing I would love is TV.

experimental; the text is , written by Peter Abelard (1079-1142) and translated by Helen Waddell.
At age 19, and living under her uncle Fulbert'sroof, Heloise fell in love with Abelard, who she was studying under.

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It is possible that Fulbert, the uncle of Heloise, imagined that Abelard had cast Heloise aside and on this imagining, perpetrated the castration of Abelard. An interesting article by B.M. Cook and other sources can be read to suggest another possibility: that an aggravating factor was political rivalry between the powerful factions of the Montmorency family and that of Stephen de Garlande, a protector and sponsor of Abelard. The incident seems to have been in the nature of family ‘honour’, politics and blood feud, still common in backward societies; with Abelard and Heloise becoming enmeshed in an early real life version of the Montagues and the Capulets.

Abelard, of noble birth and eighteen years the senior of Heloise,was a prominent lecturer in philosophy.

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While my main interest in Abelard is in his philosophy and his life, I must refer to his relationship with Heloise and its consequences, as a concession to these matters that are of more interest to this escapist age. The relationship betwixt Abelard and Heloise is regarded as one of the great romances of history, à la Romeo and Juliet and Dante and Beatrice. This romance was, however, most real.

Heloise was a strong-willed and gifted woman who was fluent in Latin,Greek and Hebrew, and came from a lower social standing than Abelard.

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Compare and contrast the woman’s perspective on love relationships in the Letters of Abelard and Heloise and in the poems of the Countess of Dia and Castelloza. How are the dynamics of the relationships similar? In what ways do they differ? Base your discussion on specific examples drawn from the different texts, and take into account the rhetorical strategies, terminology, images, and form (Latin prose letters vs Provençal verse) each of the three female writers adopts.