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On the whole A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was rapturously received when it opened early in 1945. Only James Agee rendered serious reservations about it. He rather mysteriously thought, for instance, that it might have included a school outing sequence, in order to give viewers a more spacious view of turn-of-the-century urban life. Equally mysteriously, he thought it too self-consciously realistic in its reconstructions of old Brooklyn. What one takes away from his piece—a longer review than he normally gave studio products—is a rather grudging tone; he just doesn’t want to concede that a best-seller as mighty as this one could yield up a film as emotionally powerful as this one. Oddly, his hesitant praise of the film matches Kazan’s hesitations about it. {You can find this review in James Agee: Film Writing and Selected Journalism by James Agee and Michael Sragow}

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11/02/2018 · A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a largely autobiographical work

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The enduring beauty of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn derives from the little girl’s growing awareness of the complexities of human relations. There are no villains, only recognizably flawed people struggling for a measure of happiness. No character better expressed the artistic integrity of Tree better than Joan’s. She is here an irrepressibly warm personality able to crack and reveal hidden sorrows and express an unobstructed love of children. She blows into the movie and nearly steals it, dressed in stripes and frills in an effort to look fancy on a budget. Sissy is an insecure, big-hearted, intuitive woman who mistakes experience for wisdom. She can spitelessly grin and sum up other people’s lives, yet on quick glance one notices that hers is in the ruins.

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A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN (in reference to a tree in the back lot of the apartment) was distributed on video cassette in 1991. Other than becoming a late show favorite on commercial television from the 1960s to the 1980s, especially on Christmas Eve, it has later enjoyed frequent revivals on American Movie Classics cable channel for many years before turning up on the Fox Movie Channel and Turner Classic Movies where it premiered February 8, 2009. In spite of a 1974 television movie remake, the 1945 original remains an unsurpassed movie gem. Why? Because, "Momma said." (****)

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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a dense story and has many, many themes running through it. Now that you've finished the book, you'll choose one of these bad boys and explain (in essay form) how it weaves through the story.

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…In the spring of 1944, Twentieth Century-Fox offered Joan a choice role in a prestige movie. When Betty Smith’s warm family memoir A Tree Grows in Brooklyn became a giant bestseller, Fox grabbed the rights and immediately began fashioning a top-flight movie. The studio sent Joan a first-draft script while she was on tour with Something for the Boys, and the fine aroma of a great script was overwhelming. Aunt Sissy, the oft-married glad heart of the tale, was a dream. “I actually lost my breath when Fox offered me a long-term contract—and Aunt Sissy on a golden platter,” she said. The terms were not overly generous. Joan was to start with $1,500 per week for the first year, with a $500 per week raise as an option thereafter.

''A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'' is a classic coming of age novel written in 1943 by Betty Smith

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`A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,’ from Betty Smith’s poignant novel, is able to capture the essence of the author’s words not only because of its trenchant

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The warm and compassionate story of a slum-pent family in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg which was told with such rich and genuine feeling in “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn,” by Betty Smith, has received pictorial embodiment to a remarkably harmonious degree by Twentieth Century-Fox in a fine film based on the novel which came to the Roxy yesterday. If some of the ripe descriptive detail of the original is missing, that is due to the time limitations of the picture. The essential substance has been maintained and presented in a manner which carries tremendous emotional punch.

Quotes from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith. It is a coming-of-age story.

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…In the fall of 1944, the career front was brightening for both Joan and her newly minted ex-husband. Dick (Powell) was signed for the tough RKO crime drama Murder, My Sweet, permanently smashing his nice guy image by playing the hardened Raymond Chandler detective Philip Marlowe. Joan was immersed in the making of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Her costars, including screen newcomer Dorothy McGuire, James Dunn, and thirteen-year-old Peggy Ann Garner, were as well cast and enthusiastic about the project as Joan. The setting, a poor Irish immigrant neighborhood of 1910 Brooklyn, resembled the environs of Katie’s youth.