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The first solution method is usually resolved the following:

Evidence is what you use in persuasive writing to support the claims that you present.

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101 Persuasive Essay and Speech Topics | Ereading Worksheets

As I wrote this warrant, I looked at two things: the claim I am making and the piece of evidence I am using to support that claim. In fact, my eyes were darting back and forth between the two statements as I was writing the warrant. With the warrant, I try to bring together the claim and evidence, demonstrating to readers how and why the evidence logically supports the claim. In this case, I have even used in my warrant a few words from the claim and from the evidence to help clarify the relationship. In the warrant, I use the word "preoccupied," recalling my claim, and the word "commerce," recalling the evidence. Notice as well that the phrase "how [people] are living" from my warrant recalls an important phrase from my claim, "what is important in life," and an important phrase from my evidence, "'whether we should live like baboons or like men." With the warrant, I should not simply paraphrase the claim or the evidence but instead demonstrate how the evidence supports the claim.

80 Interesting Argumentative/Persuasive Essay Topics

After I add this warrant to my slowly developing paragraph, I am then ready for the next sentence. Most likely, the next sentence will use another piece of supporting evidence from Thoreau's essay, followed by my explanation of how this evidence supports the claim. I will continue this pattern until I feel that I have established a strong argument for my claim.

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Evidence is also referred to as support or facts. Evidence is just that: facts. Unlike claims, facts are indisputable. You may have heard the redundant phrase "true facts." The phrase is redundant because all facts are true: that's what makes them facts.

Children learn how to make a convincing argument—an important skill in school and in life.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay (with Free Sample Essay)

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