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Used anywhere in an essay, these words or phrases allow the writer to establish clear connections between ideas and provides the readers with something they can relate to and feel a strong connection with. It is important however for the writer to be more specific rather than being general in his choice of transition words to use in his essay. This will create the impression among your readers that you have truly chosen your words wisely and made extra effort to make it enjoyable and pleasurable to journey through the essay.

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Love asserts at the beginning of her essay, “richness signifies qualities associated with the complexity polyvalence of texts and with the warmth and depth of experience” (371)....

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Conclusion transitional words bridge the gap between the different ideas in your essay. They make your ideas stick together and remain coherent making it a wholesome experience to read through it rather than struggle to get a clear insight on what the author wish to convey. The use of these transition words allow you to achieve coherence as they help bind ideas and sentences together and aid readers to progress logically from one part of your essay to the next.

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An experience of pleasurable merry-making and social inversion;

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who have experienced near death have described it as a tremendously pleasurable experience and, “ ..

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