"I’ll Come To Your Place When SHTF" – No You Won’t

I agree that most of the "security" measures in place are a band-aid for a bullet wound. They look like they're doing something, but they're not.
Want to get rid of terrorists? Hunt them down and kill them, and pull your head out of the freakin' sand and wake up to the reality that not everyone on this planet has indoor plumbing and flush toilets, let alone $5 cappuccinos every morning.
But God forbid we profile specific groups (muslim males between the ages of 18 and 50) or drill for oil on our own soil so we can quit sending our dollars to countries that have oil and either directly sponsor or turn a blind eye to their own extremists. The ACLU and the "green" movement would have a coronary.
There are good solutions to the problems of privacy and security. The problem is fear-mongering politicians on both sides of the aisle that are more interested in maintaining power than anything else, as well as there willing accomplices in the media who do little more than try and scare people so they keep tuning in every night to see what the latest thing is that they need to be afraid of.

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17/10/2014 · Hi Liz

In your reading, Kwasi Wiredu described how stories have been used as a scare tactic to keep children and the weak-minded in line. One example he uses is Akan parents telling their children not to whistle while bathing, otherwise their mother will die. (Wiredu says this is for the child’s well-being so that he or she did not accidently drink the dirty water and possibly get sick.)

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hi liz, in your sample above for discussion essay: work – i am just a little confused so I want to confirm with you, you are agreeing on both points right? is it okay to do that in discussion essay… I hope you respond. I have an exam end of Sept and I’m having difficulty with Writing test, its my second exam by the way. I got 6.5 last time but I need at least 7.

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