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Treatment of the Poor Attitude of the Rich Working Conditions
when the two gentlemen came to Scrooge, he flagrantly turned them away
"Are there no prisons?"
scrooge buys a big turkey and sends it to the Cratchits Pre-Writing for A Christmas Carol Essay "if they would rather die they'd better do it and decrease the surplus population."
when scrooge talks to his nephew, Fred, he talks down to him because of his social status
when scrooge apologizes to the two gentlemen for having turned them away because of their staus when Bob Cratchit only has one little bit of coal in his office.

Christmas Carol and Karl Marx … | Essay

Christmas Carol and Karl Marx … Essay

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And if you're sick of all the lesson-learning you've been doing, well, maybe it's high time you turned the tables. In this activity, the student (that's you) will become the master (yep, that's you again), as you explore the lessons in A Christmas Carol, and create a lesson of your own.

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Feel free to write it up on the trusty chalkboard, or show them the definition on the projector. Either way, you'll want to connect the parable genre with A Christmas Carol by asking your students,

The England depicted by Charles Dickens in his a Christmas Carol was also the world that ..

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Step 1: Let's get listy. With the help of your classmates, list every place in A Christmas Carol where we readers learn a lesson. Your teacher will write these up on the board, and if you're really lucky, your teacher might even get things started with an example or two.

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There's no denying that A Christmas Carol is pretty heavy handed in its desire to change behavior. But what's great about this is that it means the story is the perfect example of a parable. Teachable moment, anyone?

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Mistletoe hung from doorways, hot chocolate poured by the gallon, twinkling lights strung all around…It really is the most wonderful time of the year. And what better way to spend this holiday season than curled up with a copy of A Christmas Carol? Or you know, in front of a classroom teaching it.

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Step 2: Here's the thing: A Christmas Carol is more than just a story that teaches. It just so happens to be a parable. Yep, that fancy word has a showy meaning, and if you need a refresher, check out :

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Step 1: We'll start off nice and easy on this one. All you need to do is ask your students to create a list of places where Charles Dickens is trying to teach us a lesson in A Christmas Carol. Write the students' suggestions up on the board.