But when did man get his best friend, and why.

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My best friend and I are different in a number of ways.

I was in a class with a group of girls who had been best friends since kindergarten.

As weird as it is, she's not only my sister, she's my best friend.

ccording to a piece in U.S. News and World Report, some schools in the United States and Europe “are attempting to ban the entire concept of children having best friends,” because it’s not inclusive and kids get hurt.

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“The notion of choosing best friends is deeply embedded in our culture,” child and family psychologist Dr. Barbara Greenberg writes in a piece titled “Should Schools Ban Kids from Having Best Friends?”

That is what my I always say to my best friend whenever we say hello or goodbye.

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Do you have a friend who loves you ? Well, I do. Her name is Trang. She is a very close friend of mine. She is almost like family to me. Trang has always stuck with me through good times and bad times.
She is the one who really knows me deeply. She knows the characteristic from the outside and even inside of me. Someone who is able to feel my mood, the one who knows how to respond any kind of my mood and she knows how to comfort me.
There is no relative between us, but there are many similarities in our characteristics. The similar characteristic have give and ease for us to be able to understand each other. She is someone who is faithful and taking care of me. We’ve done a lot of things together in our life and I love her so much.
My definition of good friend is never lets you do stupid things alone. She is my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I treasured our life together. I’m thankful I’ve met Trang and I hope our friendship last forever.

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That person for me is my best friend Katrina.

We were both from countries that weren’t the U.S., we had both left our regular lives far away, and we had both been crazy enough to be each other’s best friend.

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