Essays on Cost, Buchanan and Thirlby, ed.

One of the big dangers is to pretend that you can follow apredictable process when you can't. People who work on methodology arenot very good at identifying boundary conditions: the places where themethodology passes from appropriate to inappropriate. Mostmethodologists want their methodologies to be usable by everyone, sothey don't understand nor publicize their boundary conditions. Thisleads to people using a methodology in the wrong circumstances, suchas using a predictable methodology in a unpredictable situation.

in the Sumerian city-state of Lagash.

An experience largely forgotten by most productions of the show today.

Darphne Merkin wrote in in 2005 at the time of Sandra Dee’s death:

The “shower shoes” appear to be yet another example of Judyth latching onto some piece ofassassination trivia and weaving it into her narrative.

Rizzo’s pretty great at choosing metaphors…

So how do we control ourselves in an unpredictable world? Themost important, and still difficult part is to know accurately wherewe are. We need an honest feedback mechanism which can accurately tellus what the situation is at frequent intervals.

(examples: physics, climate change, etc.)

1. Two sheets of stationery from the Reily coffee company.

Although Judyth, as we have already seen, believes that many people have been killed to concealthe plot, somehow the plotters have, rather than killing her, been content merely to harass her,and to do so in rather ham-handed ways.

3. An ink bottle Lee supposedly used to fill his fountain pen

During her many telephone conversations she got the impression that she was beinglistened to. During one of the conversations she heard two unknown people on the line atthe same time. The one said to the other that they had to end Baker’s life, whereupon theother one told the first one that he should be quiet because people could hear them. Thataffected her. She had already been threatened several times, and had been attacked andseriously wounded. The feeling of insecurity became too much for her, and she decided toflee from America. She thought that living abroad would bring her less danger.

4. A W-2 form from Reily Coffee Company

But at other times, according to Judyth, the phone tapping was ludicrously inept. In an article ina Dutch magazine, the author gives the following account:

– Yet  from Judyth,including several photos, and samplesof Judyth’s artwork.

December 17, 2015 — John Wendle

Judyth also told David Lifton (in a phone conversation) and Mary Ferrell that she was to meetLee in Cancun. Neither account includes “fine hotel,” but neither does either mention Mayanruins.

Some readers may be tempted to stop reading right now, given the sheer implausibility of thetale.

This thinking leads to some important conclusions:

And our feelings had been out of control for quite awhile now. We were sodesperate we even slept together in a red van that was being overhauled in AdrianAlba’s garage for the City of New Orleans (or some such thing). We roasted – and almost got heat stroke doing that (funny now).

The mice, by the way, were longgone from his apartment by the summer of 1963.

Neuroscience. Evolution. Health. Chemistry. Physics. Technology.

Judyth’s claims seem almost endless. When David Lifton accused her of concocting the story ofher role in an assassination plot in order to make her boring life more interesting, she respondedwith an e-mail sarcastically titled The missive outlines a very interesting lifeindeed! She claims, for example: